The Taylor Swift Song You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Tim McGraw The song, of course, isn't about Tim McGraw at all, but Swift uses his name as part of a long list of things she knows her ex-boyfriend will remember her by.

You Belong With Me You Belong With Me" is the perfect parallel to a Gemini's personality and lifestyle, says Oberon Copeland, the founder of the lifestyle website, veryinformed.

Maroon In the song off Midnights, Swift reminisces on a lost lover, "And I lost you /The one I was dancin' with / In New York, no shoes / Looked up at the sky and it was maroon.

Fearless (Taylor's Version) In Swift's hit "Fearless," she explores what it feels like to jump head first into a new love, singing "And I don't know why / But with you I'd dance in a storm / In my best dress / Fearless.

Anti-Hero Virgos are also some of the best people who need to give themselves more grace. They're not the problem. They're often the solution.

Love Story Libras deeply crave love and cherish it, holding onto their partner tightly. They're ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and consumed by their partner's perspectives. Libras love a good love story and wish to be Romeo or Juliet in their own.

Betty In the song, Swift sings about a love triangle where the main character, James, is having second thoughts about his summer fling and eventually finds his way back to his one true love, Betty.